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About JK Fine Wines

JKFineWines has been involved in the wine business for the last 15 years since 1997, specialising in rare and fine French, Bordeaux wines. We are proud to say that we are the pioneer online fine wine merchant in Malaysia. We started off with only a few cases of wines but the number has gradually increased. Up till 2007, JKfinewines has been supplying only fine wines to a niche group of customers comprising private collectors, restaurateurs and hoteliers. Since 2007, the company has started to provide delivery services for online purchases of wines to the Malaysian public.

We are a young, vibrant and progressive company who believe only in the excellent provenance in wine quality. It is true that you get what you pay for because all our fine wines are flown in with the original wooden box wrapped with special heat resistant materials ( as opposed to others who ship in their wines to save cost and risk damaging the quality of the wines ), and properly kept in a temperature and humidity controlled cellar throughout to ensure optimum conditions are maintained.

All the wines in our cellar had been specially selected for quality and value for money. The wines come in many forms, expressions and complexities offering our clients a wide range of tastes and preferences.  Further, our recommendation is backed up by objective and professional advice based on physical tasting experience of all the wines in stock where few can match. We indulge in personal tasting of all our wines including all the Bordeaux Classified Growths to ensure they are of high quality so as to bring joy and satisfaction to our clients.  The wines are competitively priced to tempt wine lovers to share our selections.

This, we believe is what differentiates us from all the other wine shops around in Malaysia; the customer's trust and confidence that they are getting wines of perfect provenance and impeccable conditions with no compromise.

We have an eye-popping collection of fine and rare French, Bordeaux wines that are available for sale on a per bottle or a per case basis. No order is too small for us.